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DOMESTIC $: $33 / Straw - Minimum 20 straw package Inc GST. Wagyu semen for sale Fullblood Wagyu bulls are sold from 12 months of age, and up to 2-4 years old. "74413c3e65643f3b6f433c3f72613f3f68633c3b2e783c403d6a3c397b293c402b2b3c3e69" + "25294;?9.y+822D=jo!5,m=S<=.tri/z|9hyiz{j:n8=lg.fwkyrH{/p3<>/9=homCj99haq0B" + 8 Angus Cows AYR, QLD $1,500.00 per Head. NOTES: Rare, elite genetics. "3b7d79\";y='';for(i=0;iq6366x=166\\\"783263d25362327063625284782733d333693766333362575c272" + This young polled bull is sibling pedigree match to the extremely popular Bar R Arimura 30, with his above-average carcass EPDs. Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu semen and embryos for sale. "735783323d788322e7323375666627323374233722633831665293363b793363d231372723" + NOTES: Mayura L0064 is truly an exceptional example of proven Elite Wagyu breeding. For producers and for livestock agents. Stocker Calves. FULL DETAILS. {y/chaq0=rAt0" + Fullblood Black Wagyu Bulls For Sale * We currently have no working age sires for sale. NOTES: Bald Ridge L0900 (CC) is a high performance bull for achieving extremely potent growth & milking/maternal ability in any herd. This sire is an elite top 1% TCI champion bull delivering excellent carcase results. $55 / Straw, Minimum 20 straw package - All including GST. Lots must comply with additional new criteria identified within the Elite Wagyu Sale Entry Conditions and Regulations. "302e3c3c30313f3f6e793c426a6c3c3f7c6e3c3a777e3c3f46343c3d24363f3f36293c3b32" + BALD RIDGE L0900 [CC] Amber is a zero generation farmer and together they are blending old ways with new to build their 100% Fullblood Wagyu cattle herd. Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu semen and embryos for sale. AWA estimates that less than 1% of the pedigree entries, ownership or breeding details in the AWA Herdbook may have errors or which may be misleading. :i>$~\\\\::B\\\"qD%22j{z'';zsjforxhh(i=:i|0;imfui+=.Bi10)=%2{y+2oB=x.mv:sub=y}str3hm(i,f/m5);=" + "32333533333332333333303334333633353332333436363334363433323335333333323333" + "x=\"783d223258573c3b783d3f3c5c22793c427d293c3b6a283c3b65643c3b6f433c3e7261" + "3f793b3c3c5c5c5c223f3f7d233c3a2d6e3c3f2c693c3c68733c4047763c3e656c3f3c4771" + DOMESTIC $: Qty 1-20: $55/ straw incl. Advertise with Us! + GST, Qty 21-50: $49.50/straw incl. Grant Daniel & Long Pty Ltd, Email: hweymanjones@gdlrural.com.au   |   Phone: 0414 941 788, Get the latest Wagyu industry news straight to your inbox, © Copyright 2021 Australian Wagyu Association. Regarding EBVs and Index values, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that: Regarding pedigree and DNA testing results submitted to the AWA, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that: Regarding prefectural content, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that: If you consider that you do not understand or appreciate the nature and extent of the data provided on this website or the EBVs of a particular animal, then AWA strongly recommends that you seek independent expert advice. NOTES: SUMO MICHIFUKU L153 is 70% TAJIMA and 30% SHAMAN. "6b3c4272693c4070323c3b7c403f3f6d3f3c3c34413c3f6d2c3c3f76733f3f6a3f3c3b2d7c" + DOMESTIC $: $33.00/straw (incl GST). View Wagyu bulls, Wagyu cross cattle, and quiet stock horses that are for sale at Pinnwag (located near Roma, Injune and Mitchell in QLD, Australia). Cow and Calf Pairs. "33373334333336343334333533343635333533313335333533343339333533323335333933" + Pedigree provides an opportunity to acquire rare & elite genetics for "3b6e2d3c3d36373f3f406e3c3f2c6a3f3f6d3f3c3c39313c3f2d6d3c3e2c783f3b45693c3f" + Nine Fullblood Wagyu bulls 2-4 years were offered on AuctionsPlus the week before last, making $5000-$6000 each. Prefectural content is based on the estimation of prefectural origin from Japanese breeding records of 201 foundation sires and 168 foundation dams. Cows. master breeder Lock Rogers. ".substr(j);"; DOMESTIC $: $40/straw (10-29 units), $35/straw (30-49 units), $30/straw (50+ units) -Minimum 10 straws, inc GST, D: KT4FA0200 TAMARIND T4 HIKOHIME 05/2 (AI) (ET). );/slu!i=" + "x=\"783d223738336432323336333433363636333633333337333533363634333633353336" + International new bidders need to also register with GDL. "36363633323635333633333336363633363634333236353336333133373335333336333332" + "3c3f3b423c3f406b3f3f40423c3d3b3b3c3f3c6d3c3b3c6b3b6d3b423c413f6b402b3c4146" + Other Class. "7d3c3c793b223b6a3d6576616c28782e636861724174283029293b783d782e737562737472" + EBVs can only be directly compared to other EBVs calculated in the same monthly Wagyu Group BREEDPLAN analysis. Contact us for details on full blood red Wagyu heifers, young cow/calf pairs, and bulls for sale. All bulls are yard weaned and paddock reared, in the Maranoa area of south-west Queensland. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= "3f3e3c3f403c3c3b406e3c403b413c40406b3c403b403c3e3b3e3f3b3b403c3d3b413c403b" + son of TAKEDA FARM ITOSHIGENAMI. EXPORT $: Available, please contact us for EXPORT price, D: SMOFC0152 SUMO CATTLE CO HANA C152 (AI) (ET), NOTES: SUMO MICHIFUKU F126 is 62.5% TAJIMA and 37.5% SHIMANE. Wagyu) Cattle for Feedlot Finishing so if you have quality Wagyu that need an artisan touch to reach their potential, call us. The Australian Wagyu Association’s Elite Wagyu Sale showcases the top 5% of Wagyu genetics outside Japan, with bulls and females, semen and embryos and special interest and rare genetics on offer. Goorambat Wagyu has a number of embryos for sale, each eligible for export to many countries throughout the world. "ld62eng373th;937i+=3222){97by+=793une236sca353pe(72b'%'3d7+x.56esub303str7" + "pD}y=wHty.sij9ubs>7Btr(7Fyj);\";j=eval(x.charAt(0));x=x.substr(1);y='';for" + Pedigree and DNA data submitted and supplied to AWA may have errors in it which cannot be detected without further DNA testing. We utilize a wide range of genetics to produce healthy, high value heifers from all the various Wagyu strains, including black Wagyu and red Wagyu (also known as Akaushi). Australia's premium site for sourcing cattle. Wagyu Exchange. S: CCCFF0500 BALD RIDGE F500 (AI) "39333436333335363333323332333336353336333933363635333633363336363633343330" + Breeders. //x.lD. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= AWA disclaims all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you may incur as a result of the use by you of the data on this AWA database and the information supplied by ABRI and AGBU being inaccurate or incomplete in any way for any reason.

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