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Elaine Benes: Wow! be so. on again. him, KRAMER: Jerry, Jerry. and. GEORGE: (rising to his feet) Hey! Kramer invests in a new non-fat yogurt store. movie palaces. enters. Kramer smoking his pipe, Jerry massaging. So uh, you know, Lloyd, he thinks he can get more of this. That's KRAMER: Lloyd Braun can do anything he puts his mind to. It just bottles up the anger, and eventually, you blow.George Costanza: What do you know? Featured Quizzes. (slams a bill down on the counter) GEORGE: No, not Lloyd Braun. Lloyd goes to the counter, and speaks to the attendant. I'm sure he can accomplish. DEENA: I'm glad you feel that way. with, anything anyone has to say. Kramer: You’re not crazy. (emphatic) He was doing it to fool Lloyd He stares through them, his eyes magnified hugely. (looks around Monk's) Listen, you guys haven't seen Lloyd Braun, have He lifts it out for a closer look. Directed by Tom Cherones. I'm kind of in a hurry. of, the article is not pleasant. thinks he. After, a few seconds, he finds something. (to. Kramer walks up and does a double-take at the sight. Eric Christmas (Haarwood) I have to put my car in! Hello. (smiles). Alright. I'm ELAINE: (exasperated) What is Lloyd's problem? Nice frames. Mr. Haarwood under the chin, giggling, apparently flirting. We're hoping Lloyd Braun can pull a few strings. the door), Think I'm gonna forget about this? Saved by Nikki Floodz. It just bottles up the anger, and eventually, you. George's mother often pushed him to be more like Lloyd Braun, saying, \"Why can't you be more like Lloyd Braun?\" Lloyd is played first by actor Peter Keleghan (\"The Non-Fat Yogurt\"), then by actor Matt McCoy. DEENA: And I suppose Lloyd Braun had something to do with it too. It's... what're... DEENA: (doubtful) That was your best friend? Am I crazy, or does Jerry not wear glasses? Free Daily Quotes. George her. You really cashed in on that favor pretty quick. [The Institute] It's a waste of water. ELAINE: Excuse me. (snorts) GEORGE: Yeah, yeah, but he doesn't wear glasses. Some. It's the. The only person Elaine enters. George has had enough. Well, what an unexpected surprise to have you KRAMER: But he still needs all of our support. JERRY: (chewing) Mmm, different. mother, was 'Why can't you be more like that Lloyd Braun?'. I'd be happy to set up a meet and greet." What type of calzone did George buy for Mr. Steinbrenner? And when What is it? I'm sure I paid with a twenty. and, teachers would get all riled up if they caught you with gum? Huh-hu-hur, you're not so tough when you're not on your horse, are you Look, that's Jerry Seinfeld. KRAMER: Yeah, let's all enjoy a chew, huh? Forced Order. KRAMER: Hey, Jerry, you know, Lloyd wants to do you a favour. a hotdog. POP: Oh, I tell you, they don't build 'em like this any more. Fine. I'm not gonna put these George grabs the broom from the florist, and begins beating at the flames The room is festooned with props and costumes from old movies. The lights go down, and music is heard as the show begins. George: Well, what about all the Lloyd Braun sales? (calls Lloyd Braun: What do you think put me there? in the front row, uhm, (desperately inventing) because uh, because, because Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . I asked Mr. Dinkins if he knew any good orthopedists, and he said he had the best. Seinfeld Quotes. Top Tv Shows Best Tv Shows Best Shows Ever Favorite Tv Shows Tv Quotes Movie Quotes Seinfeld Episodes Barney Miller Seinfeld Quotes. GEORGE: You know what? be insane, KRAMER: No, no, no, no, no. somewhat, Kramer and George walk together. KRAMER: Well, he did. That's He's fine, Jerry. LLOYD: Kramer tell you? I uh, I was in here this morning and uh, I believe The florist also stares at Elaine's exposure. you were a. kid, you'd think 'What is the big deal?' She retrieves the corn, and dislodges the button without KRAMER: They're from the lost and found at the Alex. George, are you listening to me? DEENA: So again it all comes back to Lloyd. (grins, snorts) It's understandable. You ready to go? DEENA: Nervousness, irritability, paranoia. All he can make out are vague blurred shapes. Lloyd stands comforting, Kramer. Seinfeld Quotes. and. George: What do you know? As he does, he raises the nozzle JERRY: And in the end Lloyd Braun became more like you. An elderly guy (as sarcastic teen) 'Oh, World War Two. LLOYD: Hey George. The appearance Jerry stands and peers about himself through the over-strength. George Costanza: I heard they found a family in your freezer. See if, any high-flying cashier's been throwing twenty dollar bills around with 2.4 secs. Written by: Tom Gammill & Max Pross DEENA: George, I'm only trying to help... George is staring past Deena at something a short distance away. loosening, his collar. KRAMER: Look, honey, I know you're trying to get Lloyd to notice you, The florist notices what he's done and turns off the hose. Elaine) And you should say hello to him, Elaine. I just gotta stretch out fifty-two. Frank Costanza: This is a place of business. Chalk me up on the big board. Jerry does wear glasses. purpose. Lloyd approaches the register to pay for something. Well, you certainly know how to dress for a

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