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Titled, “Old Story, New Beginning,” the report examined 12 different jobs among the creators, directors and top-billed cast of the top movies for 2017 as well as 1,316 broadcast television, cable and digital shows from the 2016 to 2017 programming season. “Unfortunately, there has not been the same level of progress behind the camera. Black actors were also overrepresented in total cast diversity for broadcast (18.0%) and cable shows (18.2%) in 2018–19. Black actors reached proportional representation (12.9%) among lead actors in cable scripted shows in 2017–18 and lead actors in cable scripted programs (14.1%) in 2018–19. Part one, which was published in February, analyzed diversity in the movie business, and the authors concluded that the industry’s narrative on diversity was a tale of two Hollywoods. Women actors achieved parity in lead roles for of digital scripted shows (49.4%) and almost did so among lead roles in scripted cable shows (44.8%). Judging viewers’ activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter activity around scripted cable TV shows, figures spiked when the shows had majority-minority casts. The 2019 Hollywood Diversity Report from UCLA further supports previous findings that increasingly diverse audiences seek diverse television and movie content. Protagonists were more diverse and there were more women behind the camera in 2019, but other areas are still lacking, the USC Annenberg School report says. Part 1, which focuses on 2018 and 2019 Hollywood theatrical films, was released in February 2020. tables and charts from the Hollywood Diversity Report here. “The underrepresentation of people of color in the executive suite, and as creators, writers and directors is problematic, even if there are more people of color in acting roles. The Hollywood Diversity Report also found a strong correlation between the inclusion of minorities and women in films and television and high television ratings and box office success. The U.S. population is about 13% Black. Please attribute findings from the report accordingly. When people of color do not control their own narrative, their characters’ storylines may lack authenticity, may be written stereotypically or their characters may even be depicted as ‘raceless.’”. The report, which is compiled and published by researchers in the UCLA College social sciences division, tracks two seasons of scripted broadcast, cable and digital programming — 453 shows in 2017–18 and 463 shows in 2018–19. As of 2020, chair/CEO positions were overwhelmingly held by white people (92.0%) and men (68.0%); and the statistics were similar for of senior executives (84.0% white, 60.0% male) and unit heads (87.0% white, 54.0% male). The 2020 Hollywood Diversity Report also includes a workplace analysis of 11 major and mid-major studios, which found that 91% of C-level positions are held by white people and 82% are held by men. Diversity in Hollywood ... according to the latest USC Annenberg report. To put it simply: When Hollywood executives and creators don’t prioritize equitable representation in characters and storylines, they’re leaving money on the table. Women and minorities made gains in nearly all of the 13 television employment categories tracked by the report. Today, everyone's talking about it. Hollywood Has A Major Diversity Problem, USC Study Finds : The Two-Way The study examined more than 21,000 characters and behind-the-scenes … UCLA released its annual Hollywood Diversity Report, and unsurprisingly, the findings show a lack of women and minorities in film. The analysis found that the greatest racial and gender disparities are in behind-the-camera jobs such as show creator, writer and director: And white men still dominate the high-level TV executive jobs. The report found that many top-rated, scripted broadcast TV shows have diverse casts. That’s very telling, particularly in light of our current racial reckoning.”, The report, which is compiled and published by researchers in the UCLA College social sciences division, tracks two seasons of scripted broadcast, cable and digital programming — 453 shows in 2017.

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