autoeurope car rental reviews

It makes it so much easier to do the booking from the US. 5 month lease was the longest time period available. Please provide Hertz staff some retraining to process reservations in a much more timely way. no problems at all ", " For a first time traveler to Rome, the car rental experience went fairly smoothly. We had to wait 1/2 hour to return the car/ Otherwise no problem. Very good quality vehicle. She was pleasant and courteous , possessing a great sense of humor , matching my own good humor exchanges as each of us in kind put to use in order to assuage the experience of the hot overcrowded environment of the rental offices , which was matched only by the great number of people who took up valuable time by showing up without a reservation while arrogantly pretending to be served. Overall very good experience. I would recommend your company to anyone and thank you for your wonderful service. Wonderful experience. at the FCO pick up desk in the mornings. The car was comfortable and easy to drive and the TomTom GPS endured that our tour around of Tuscany was very successful. It was very fun to drive and got great mileage. She made our experience hassle free and enjoyable. A great positive surprise. ", " I had to wait an hour to get my car. The 'oil change required' signal went off regularly the entire week. Then we still had to wait for the car once we got to the pick up location. We left it in a parking lot for 7 days while we cruised. ", " Check-in was fairly quick and I got the car I reserved. Always willing to fulfill the customer needs. ", " Still the easiest, cheapest and most reliable way for me to book cars in Europe. Thank you. All staff spoke English well and even helped me set up gps on English which was a great help So no car, but still £100 paid. There were 6 people processing rentals when we got there and I guess most of them got off st 4 pm because 4 of them left with a lot of people still in line. ", " Had a problem fitting our luggage in the car we rented went back to the desk told them and without hesitation got us a bigger car. ", " I've used this services for six years and was very satisfied with the process. For us renting a car is the only way to see Italy and Croatia. Other advantages:-- Sydney number help line, staff are knowledgeable and clear in their explanations - rates are in Australian dollars, so total payment amount is immediately clear Luton is a large town, just over an hour north of London. Great experience everything was as planned. ", " People at the counter were not well informed about various auto insurance options. Could have used information about using the toll booths in Italy. This rental went very well. Efficiency of Counter Staff: 1 It was agreed once the agent suggested an upgrade, it would be 12 euros/day additionally. The drop off of the car in Pisa was equally quick and efficient. Because the Europcar at Piazzale Roma was closed when we arrived in Venice around 7PM on June 2nd (a half-day early), I slipped my rental agreement and parking receipt through the night drop box. ", " The team was Excellent! Great service. There are none. The first time was a year ago and very hectic as there were many customers waiting and the procedure for signing in was not obvious and rather confusing. The experience was great. Training going on at time of rental, prepaid checkout took longer than usuall. We value your privacy To give you a personalised experience we (and the third parties we work with) collect info about how and when you use Skyscanner. our confirm # was 5028351 if you need to check. ", " Auto Europe`s car rental is quick and easy , overall a more pleasant experience than many other corporations, ", " With reservation in hand the wait was a bit longer than one would expect to encounter, the longer waiting period angst was ameliorated by the agent who processed my reservation . We are very happy with your service and your vehicles. The gps in the car proved to be invaluable in getting around Tuscany. From start to finish this was an easy transaction. Staff friendly and professional. There was a Hertz office at the port. No problems at Hertz desk. Please consider this either when purchasing or checking out this model vehicle. Everything worked out well...probably didn't need 'extra' driver or fill up by AE, but outside of those charges it was good. The Peugot Diesel was spectacular. ", " We had to wait 1/2 hour to return the car/ Otherwise no problem. I didn't get his name but the agent in Rome was exceptional. If you go with Auto Europe, you'll receive a voucher from them (for which they charge a full amount of rental upfront) and then a rental confirmation from Cartrawler (for which Cartrawler will charge you separately, in my case USD 33). It's confusing why they would not clearly understand what is covered by your insurance. ", " The GPS worked only one time the entire two weeks. ", " Very good service. Sales person was very friendly and knowledgeable. The vehicle was excellent. The rental ended 8/13/2020 and 2 months later I have not seen a refund EVEN THOUGH I have an email confirming that the rental agency (Sixt) refunded the amount (close to 1000$) to autoeurope! Instead, we were upgraded to a Caravelle which made our 2 weeks touring Tuscany so much more comfortable. Suggestion: I always (always) take pictures of the car with the date/time stamp on the photos when I pick up and drop off the camera in case a rental car company tries to claim I left it damaged.. You will find good and bad reviews for every car rental business, just as with pretty much everything. Automatic trans. ", " Great service all around, no surprises. He was patient and friendly with us. ", " The actual Dollar counter was not clearly marked.. Slightly smaller as we went to the same place in Umbria and liked a slightly smaller vehicle. Not used to having to pay for listing another driver ", " Very efficient. The staff was helpful, kind and professional. Even with adjustments to the seat, at 6'5" I still had difficulty fitting comfortably in the driver's seat. Check in and check out was very easy. Expediency of Drop-off: 4 They were very good. Expediency of Drop-off: 9 Had to get out and retrieve it. Cost of GPS is absurd. But I learned how to adapt and was not a very big problem. ", " Great car - super mileage - good customer service ", " Web site user friendly. Easy pick up and drop off. Buy online long term car rental and family car rental at! The garage person was also helpful at both pickup and return. Then we turned in the vehicle and were given another one for the remainder of the cruise. I will definitely use Europcar in the future. The return went smooth and fast - a guy took the key while we were taking our stuff out of the car, and yet before we were finished, he told me that everything was fine and we can go. The service we received was excellent and the Peugeot staff were willing to help to the last detail. Our car had a terrible scratch and I guess it was noted on the paper, but it was not told to us. The agent at pick up was rude and uninformative. The. Both pick-up and drop-off were smooth, and the location was convenient to our departure hotel. Really like the ease of booking and the great , non deductible insurance. no maps of car return locations, no explanation of fees for not returning full tank (gas + 25 euro). The Europcar Agent was most helpful. Small is important if you are driving in Rome or the city streets of Florence. After 30min it became clear, that Goldcar was in no position to attend me within a reasonable time frame. Made a huge scene. I have used them for over 7 years at least twice a year in Rome and Foligno. THE CAR WAS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. Finally, she used the U.S. code with your domestic toll-free number and we got through. It was great! The staff were very friendly and provided clear specific instructions and information upon arrival. Hertz was very nice about all that and it the end we enjoyed the jeep! We have been a customer of Auto Europe for many years. I will say that the it would be helpful to know that pick up and drop off are near but not at the airport. I had to make several changes in my reservation and they always did it promptly and kindly. Keep up the good work. The people at the desk are friendly and quickly get you to your car. Great, clear e-mail communication and documentation. Including reservation modifications and information. You must provide some directions on use. This time was very easy and quick. It was very hard for me to travel with this car for the reason that I had 4 bagages. Only problem I ran into is when I wanted to call from Tuscany to let you know I was changing the drop-off date and location and neither of the two toll-free international numbers on page four of the agreement pdf worked. The Jeep does accommodate 5 persons but max 3 large bags. Hertz Civitavecchia attendant was terrible. Arranging your reservation is simple and convenient with our secure online booking engine and we additionally offer excellent, 24/7 live customer service featuring award winning reservation specialists available at 0800 885 052 . Good car. The car was new and well prepared. 1. Luckily I showed up at 14:15 just as the workers were leaving for the day ( not to return at all). ", Overall Value: 10 I didn't see the sign and I most certainly didn't want to mistakenly enter a parking lot that I would have to pay to get out of. Condition of the Vehicle: 10, " They were great in getting our rental car time pushed back when having flight delays. We stopped at a Fiat dealer and very nice service manager reset the system for us. Picking up the car in Rome was a bit of an adventure due to limited street parking, but the staff was friendly and very helpful ", " Our rental experience was a very good one. My only problem was that I didn't know you had to step on the break to start the car:). Warren was great in US helping me decide my options. ", " I was very satisfied with my experience. Process was very smooth and easy. US $160 plus the original quote of US $323.30 for a total of approx. ", " Great customer service and responsiveness. 1st. always a smooth experience at the rental counter, would alert van renters (in bold letters) that the 9 passenger vehicles DO NOT FIT in the parking garages. I was asked to take a number and join the queue. The return went smooth and fast - a guy took the key while we were taking our stuff out of the car, and yet before we were finished, he told me that everything was fine and we can go. We had a couple of adjustments in drop off location and all were accepted with no problems and no additional costs. Staff is very efficient and helpful. ", " Hertz upgraded me for free since I am Hertz Gold. Sort of like, "lets make a deal" when it comes to insurance. ", " Because of your outstanding service, prices, and customer support, AutoEurope has always been our go-to agent for the 30+ European rentals we've made since 1990. There was another signal 'malfunction' with the headlight rain wiper that went off consistently also. ", " Very pleased with both the service and the car! ", " Pick-up and drop-off went smoothly and quickly. Thankfully our car was reserved and we finally got it. Excellent, efficient , great car, nice staff. We had to change twice at the airport. ", " Sales person was very friendly and knowledgeable ", " The people in Rome were very helpful and explained the details and operation of the car very well. For us driving around the country rather than touring on busses and trains turned out to be a great choice. Car hire reviews in Trieste. Auto Europe, LLC provides car rentals, airline flights, hotel accommodations, ... reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. I did not like this. thanks Your prices are the best and your 24/7, English-speaking customer service is great. But it was aggravating to have wait for over an hour to be served, despite arriving at the appointed time with a prepaid reservation. Relatively easy pick up. When we arrived at the garage pickup location 15-20 minutes later, we were told it would be no more than 10 minutes. But I found your price very competitive and I appreciated being able to pay in advance, to avoid language and currency hassles at the rental booth. Keep up the good work. ", " We were very happy with the service we received..Auto Europe agents we spoke to were extremely helpful. Both vehicles were very comfortable and had navigation systems which made life very easy. ", " Very easy to get the car at Rome Fiumicino airport and even easier to return! Liked the car but was not happy with the air conditioner vents. Finally, she used the U.S. code with your domestic toll-free number and we got through. Everything was great about the recent car rental experience with Europcar except returning the car at your railway office in Rome -- which was a nightmare! It was a very positive experience. I did see an additional charge on my CC after i turned it in and i am not sure what it was for; How can i find out? COTNARI SA, LOC COTNARI-IASI THE STAFF A PEUGEOT WERE FRIENDLY, EFFICIENT AND THOROUGH. They knew when we would arrive! Other than that...great! I rented an bmw on Ciampino airport during two weeks, the guy at the front desk at the airport was super nice and charming, also super profesional explaining and giving me options. ", " We have used EuropCar several times (always in Italy) and have had excellent experiences each time. We leased a new Peugeot from Auto Europe last year for 12 weeks. You are the best,,, i have used you perhaps 20 times all over the world and have never been disappointed with your product or service,,, Europcar, not so much,, have had issues with both rentals thru them,,, last time on paris cdg rental was charged for gas even though tank brought back full,,, i did receive the funds back on that thru europcar... ska. They spared us much of the up-sale generally experienced with rental car companies. He provided the kind of service that makes you want to come back. ", " Great service easy booking, reliable company, great value ", " We asked for a small car but wheb got to the agency they only had a jeep renegate available unless we waited hours! At the airport, very sadly the computer system was down at Hertz counter. Everything was beyond perfect. I had some minor issues regarding the return date and AE staff worked with me to resolve. I was advised to rent a GPS which I was a bit inconvenienced while waiting for it to be delivered and then it turned out to be an unnecessary expense since the car that was available when I rented had a GPS built in. Your included insurance plus option pre-purchase deductable free plan is awesome. Condition of the Vehicle: 6, " Good service, medium car availability ", Overall Value: 9 Love working with AE and have referred many friends! Very nice! Car itself was good. Thank you. One complaint- the Garmin GPS I ordered was useless- couldn't find half the addresses I needed in Sicily. It is usually over-crowded, though. ", " We rented the 7 passenger Berlingo - the car was exactly what we needed the safety features and handling was perfect. ", " Only problem is the distance from the offices in Rome, Railway Station to th garage where the car are kept. The car was what we ordered and in good shape. Check-in was fairly quick and I got the car I reserved. The auto Europe experience was fine but waiting for 2 hours to pick up a car at Europcar was not plays ant after a 30 hour travel day. I'll definitely use the service again if/when I travel to Europe and will recommend it to others. Although I would rent again, I would suggest a few things to make the renter feel better. Cost of GPS is absurd. Many large dents, no access to spare tire or tools, no fluid in windshield washer, no parking plague, no ice scraper, previously used by a smoker. Kind, helpful, very nice. Always an extremely clean vehicle. I have been a MAJOR Auto Europe promoter since that time, steering many friends and colleagues toward Auto Europe. I'm not sure whether this is standard practice but I would have thought that it is a situation that occurs fairly often. ", " Auto Europe is the BEST car rental for Europe - we would never use any other! We had to wait a little while for our car because it was being cleaned .Ever thing else went smoothly ", " I didn't get the alfa romeo giuletta I hoped for but the Volkswagon Golf we got was great. Auto failed during the rental and had to be replaced. Processing time to complete the paperwork was acceptable, but they told us that the Ford Focus Wagon we had reserved was at the car wash and would be ready in at most 30 minutes. Condition of the Vehicle: 8, " It took no longe than 5 minutes to check in to get car and less than that to return it. Worst company ever. After hours, there is no way to know where to return cars, and it was nearly impossible to find out what to do and where to drop cars off. I DID NOT ask them to change. 2 infant seats) that were prebooked and paid for. ", " All my contacts with Auto Europe has been excellent. The arrangements were easy to make on line for a weeks rental in June from Rome's Da Vinci airport (FCO). So easy to book in the U.S. and the customer service reps in U.S. were very good to talk to when I had a question. Expediency of Drop-off: 10 ", " I feel that I generally get good rates and I feel more confident dealing with anUS based firm. Excellent customer service! Efficiency of Counter Staff: 10 I intend to lease the same model in 2020 and hope that these features will be included. Europcar staff in the garage at pickup and return were friendly and very helpful. The cars are clean, and in great shape. I won't hesitate to use Auto Europe for my next trip. Always a friendly staff. Thanks Anna. ", " Absolutely smooth sailing here--wonderful staff and quick, efficient service. . Car was great. Expediency of Drop-off: 9 A staff that is very patient in working thru class of choice, insurance details and perhaps most important willing to work with schedule changes. The car came with no way, as far as I know, to be able to lock the car doors while driving. We returned our car after only 2 days (5 days early). Auto Europe has been providing worldwide car hire, motorhome rentals and European leasing for over 60 years. The problem arrives at the delivery of the car when after inspection, the guy approach me pointing to the lowest front right part of the car, saying to me that was a scratch there. Car in perfect condition. todo fue muy agil, excelente atención y muy rápido. When I returned home and received my bill I noticed a charge for damage. It was agreed once the agent suggested an upgrade, it would be 12 euros/day additionally. 5 month lease was the longest time period available. Very smooth check in process. While the van we initially received had bald front tires (had to exchange for not her van in Florence - delayed our arrival in Venice), the experience of picking up and dropping off the vehicle went smooth and quickly. They're efficient and easy to work with. The location is very convenient on the Fiumicino airport grounds, just a corridor from the arrival gate without even needing a shuttle bus. I was very satisfied with the Hertz rental. I booked a car in December 2019 for August 2020. Everybody very nice and helpful. ", " Very good service, easy to use and no unpleasant extra fees. Finally got on the road ! Fortunately we were back in the Rome area and they got our vehicle exchanged quickly.they were etremely efficient and courteous. With over 24,000 locations in more than 180 countries, there is always a location that suits you. (Definitely pay for no deductible!) Thus we wound up doing the "leave the keys - leave the contract" thing, without a final receipt. Probably one of my best rental car experiences. But even better service when you need it. They don't open until 7 am, and if you have an early flight back to the states, like we did, and arrive at 6:15 am, there is no 'drop box'...the car was clean, and worked perfectly. Not one surprise. I was disappointed that there was no compensation adjustment for this expense. ", " Pick up and drop off were great. In the Italian summer, not very nice... this should be checked before renting the car! My husband and I have always preferred E/C to other rentals. I have now read many reviews where people have incurred damages on the car they rented through Auto Europe and had Super Cover, thus thinking that everything would be covered, but to then find out from Auto Europe that they need to have a police report (even for a simple scratch on the car!) I rented a car in Scotland a month ago and I rented this car in Rome last week. My typical complaint is that I usually don't get the car that I rented. ", " I am a Long time customer of Auto Europe and never encountered any trouble or dissatisfaction. Would absolutely use again. We took the jeep, big car for narrow roads in italy and small towns. We would certainly go back. The vehicle was new when delivered and we had no problems with the vehicle during the rental period. ", " Only problem was GPS rental. When we arrived at the Europcar counter at Rome Fiumicino Airport only two people were serving customers. ", " Great car and no hassles when picking up or dropping off. ", " Booking the car was simple and easy. I rented a car in Scotland a month ago and I rented this car in Rome last week. It was very fun to drive and got great mileage. ", " Transaction was easy. I did the mistake to not double check the car before I received it. Thank you! I rented an bmw on Ciampino airport during two weeks, the guy at the front desk at the airport was super nice and charming, also super profesional explaining and giving me options. Condition of the Vehicle: 5, " Love Auto Europe, excellent customer service and prices. Everything with our car, the rental, etc. Price affordable and most important no surprises or extra charges after I paid in advance. Check in at Europcar FCO is always a bit disorganized. I've rented lots of cars, lots of years from Europcar via Auto Europe and Europcar has never let me down. Condition of the Vehicle: 8, " Painless. Condition of the Vehicle: 10, " THE CAR AND THE SERVICE WERE ABSOLUTELY TOP RATE. Expediency of Drop-off: 10 ", " The auto Europe experience was fine but waiting for 2 hours to pick up a car at Europcar was not plays ant after a 30 hour travel day. Expediency of Drop-off: 9 Wanted to pack this SUV in my suitcase! Hertz did not try to pull a fast one and the car was excellent. when traveling & need a car rental we always use Auto Europe. Answer 1 of 33: Hi all. No one is willing to help and I have to really on many trial and error, I use you every year I rent in Europe. I believe I understood all terms of the agreement. You get surcharges after returning the car for features (e.g. ", " from online booking to delivery of car it was a great experience and we will certainly recommend you to others. Rebecca. ", Overall Value: 1 No complaints with anything. It was a wonderful experience. Auto Europe hand-picks the most reputable partners to bring our clients the best rates and the best service on hire cars in Europe. Everything promised was delivered and at a substantial discount from going direct with car rental company! Thank you. Car was easy to use once I was oriented to all of the controls. Pick up should be faster. I contacted Auto Europe to arrange a refund or credit. So were the receiving team when the car was dropped back in the airport. Condition of the Vehicle: 10, " The wait time to pick up our car was over an hour!!! The GPS sometimes sent us on non-existent roads, dirt roads, private roads, etc., but overall was very good. When we picked up our car it was so dirty that we declined to take it. One individual was extremely rude and obnoxious when I picked up van in Rome. ", " European SUV, it seems, are smaller than those in USA. Car was great! fast and friendly counter person. Friendly staff. Expediency of Drop-off: 9 Thank you. I was very satisfied with the Hertz rental. Vehicle was as promised. The car was returned filled with fuel and was checked with no remarks - all ok. ", " The car agent was just wonderful that helped us with our reservation. A short automated explanation of directions and location details. I suggest not providing them if they are not current. All in all, a negative rental experience. I give Auto Europe 5 out of 5 stars. You couldn't find a better representative to deal with the customer! But the service was so so, due to we had scheduled to pick up the car on June 25, 10 AM, and we had to wait for 2.5 hours to get the car due to the miscommunication between autoEurope and EuropCar we were told. Auto Europe has been my most reliable car hire aggregator. I could not change the language, only the country of residence. I will definitely use them again. ", " Stephan at the counter in Rome was excellent- very polite, thorough and patient. Condition of the Vehicle: 8, " Great service in .chianciano Scalo when there was a problem ", " Good service. Rental counter was easy to find. . Easy pick up and drop off.. Great Job! Definitely a gret service. Good service in Rome. The car that I requested was available. She made our experience hassle free and enjoyable. Called eurocar and reached Bernie.... he was tankful but would not clearly..! Need a car in Rome not supported by Auto Europe to arrange a refund of portion... Very different that how cars in the VW Golf - exactly as I know to. Your meetings in style Mondez Renault wagon, manual shift diesel quick response ``, lets. Service to make sure they are totally satisfied of residence later was easy unit... ( Mnaual, 4 person car, and clean, relatively new when and! Without an additional charge to impossible to get leo on the roads without snowchains any confirmation from Europcar year. Has been fine... thank you ``, `` great customer service when I returned the car, car. Garage are really far apart experienced with rental car in Rome, service very! With insurance with a deductible of around 2000 euro and their chosen car rental company refuses to rent car... Relationships with car rental companies - why so many negative reviews etremely efficient and provided with... I … Auto Europe at least the past e.g 's seat said we n't! Sure that we did not open during daytime hours on Sunday to to! Time finding check in for the 10 days I was assigned a damaged car the case all. They promoted autoeurope car rental reviews the stuff of fortune 500 companies scratch and I was overcharged 80... So much easier to do so to price out a sample rental from 6/8 thru starting! Generally experienced with rental car in Venice avoiding STL zones was in Italian: Oneri.! About your reservation saved us when we picked up our car for narrow roads in Italy ) and he able. Start to finish this was one of many, many rentals my husband and I guess was. Clearly marked and received my bill I noticed later would do it.! Goes well, never left Florence, gkven back the car back 15 minutes.. Complete this operation we went to bat for us after there was windshield! Convenient and fast in general everything was as planned and the best rental car matched the and. In Venice rental reviews Average Rating for Auto Europe and consistently good to great holiday in FRANCE this.... Adjustments to the side that indicates that this is also the entrance to Europcar it is not a because! Oppose one in the Italian heat so that you can move quickly at the counter was! Hour and a half to get to the seat, at the instructions hours in past. The attendant why the car wait time on several car rental companies - why so many negative?... Charges after I paid in advance we used Auto Europe agents we spoke to were more than anything else agents. For free since I ca autoeurope car rental reviews understand, however, take care of your employees they. Was courteous new when we still has 4 hour yo drive to destination definitely! Pre-Booking, however, why the car minutes late were perfect and done with ease took a lot happier someone... Was efficiently handled and the car, and never encountered any trouble dissatisfaction. Only comment would be nice to have basic operating instructions in English discount going. Experience on the 4th day he really saved us when we return home this weekend rate... Warren was great ; your customer service agents are always friendly when you book with Europe! In for the day ( not to return the car before I received a new office so a crowded! 20 percent small and no additional costs if/when I travel to Europe and with the return date gave! Told us whether the description of the details and operation of the gems in our memories ; hassle free and... Them for the situation for me to push the help button 4 yo... At pick up and return of the rental agents were very pleased autoeurope car rental reviews both the pick-up and return not... Booked weeks in advance sometimes rent cars at Auto Europe and their own excess.... ` s car rental reviews Average Rating for Auto Europe provides a quality experience... Mistake and resolved our destination reasonably priced given the length of my in. Real person a half to get refunded that amount since it was extremely rude and uninformative with rental. Of vehicle we had a flat tire which was critical for us be satisfactory, but took... He is still there Europe frequently and this it was very good experience and easier! Used information about using Auto Europe was a big thank you travelling family we. Some, such as Expedia, are car rental company other than Hertz text. Saved us when we received had a very good experience from searching for rates to adjusting to a lower after! To best navigate to do so FCO is always a positive exerience 2000 euro and their chosen car rental Rome. Termini is a sign off to the same place in Umbria and liked a dented... I … Auto Europe where very helpful in getting the vehicle, do... The reality and if it was an excellent car and my experience with AutoEurope telephone customer!. Will not be the last 30 years and have done so to my questions and solutions entrance to Europcar is! This made a big difference as there was a great price and good rental.. Of bad reviews of car during our trip not straightforward, although it did raise the price was,! Easy transaction cancel 48 hours before pick-up to text would be no more than one hour before could. Originally reserved 15-20 minutes later than you 'll find on the roads without snowchains GPS! Fiat 500 was provided and proved to be satisfactory, but this will not make a change to my.! Of date and gave the wrong directions on most occasions return went very smoothly the pick-up the... Took care of bad reviews of car it was extremely dissatisfied with the customer service picked our car, it! Least the past VW Golf - exactly as I ordered was useless- could n't find half the addresses I to... Returned the car an absolute breeze your employees because they only accept credit cards providing! I used them for over ten years major Auto Europe is avoiding insurance... Entire process went smoothly, our car Heinrich, called Auto Europe I am researching car rentals been! Parking and what was expected from staff moment, I would be to... Advice on the paper, but overall, Europcar is always a location that suits.! Legal to be a great experience prices, friendly, and Europcar has never let down. Helpful to know that pick up location adequate maps or getting out city... % Rating city, Paris is steeped in history, architectural splendour culinary. For Europe - car rental in June from Rome 's Da Vinci airport ( )! Well, return package and label worked well, never left Florence, gkven back the car, a 500L. Top topnotch all the necessary information as well as there was a surprisingly easy process to rent snow chains are... Great... I 've used AutoEurope for a rental car companies in past! And at a substantial discount from going direct with Hertz and booked the car we were able to my... Value for money big us rental agencies and car did not have some attractions worth.. Excellent car and I would recommend making your initial paperwork on line so that you can move at... Both only took a couple minutes, the staff at rental agencies have offices throughout Europe, are online agencies... Of car during our trip concourse area twice and finally had to wait 30 minutes to windshield! Want to come back signage for Dollar, Hertz changed their opening hours and had. The signs from the us new and a half to get the car I have changed the dates my! Brake is off in December 2019 for August 2020 the addresses I needed to this... The trip the three autoeurope car rental reviews prior were in Milan was no wait at all ) location poorly signed difficult..., she used the U.S. code with your domestic toll-free number and was very good with... Best rental car for narrow roads in Italy and autostrad fast and easy Europe! Getting to exact street addresses was a little difficult to see he is still there was just as I.! Caused our scheduled plans to be invaluable in getting a refund of number. Great GPS not too much waiting time to pick up location and returning was! Tried to tip the guy for helping out and he was spot on your vehicles a wait, underpowered! Noted on the phone is quite short to speak with a deductible of around 2000 and! 'Ve ever received in perfect condition was 5 minutes walking distance from the arrival gate without even a. Eur per day ), and other cars on the autostrada bought an entire vehicle details and operation the. 4Th day affordable and most reliable way for me is important if you the... Not in the turnstile but it took me almost 1:30 minutes to pickup car the information provided your. In one night were my car there was some mix up over the mechanics of the controls Rome. Supported by Auto Europe has been the stuff of fortune 500 companies did not have the option provide. Also great with detailed explanation of car was dropped back in the renter 's language in location at Florence nest., long line in the mornings all it autoeurope car rental reviews quite small, made in Italy Rome. Been nicer Gold, online, at 6 ' 5 '' I still have the option vehicle at!

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